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Another of my latest obsessions, is roller derby. If you live in/around Edinburgh, I highly recommend you get yourself along to the next bout which is on 19 January at Meadowbank. A great fun, fast paced full contact sport, I love how Scotland on Sunday describe it, it’s pretty apt:

It’s a hug disguised as a rib-splintering thump

I first heard about Roller Derby a few years back, when I noticed, via facebook, that a couple of my old flatmates were skating, Kat [Pixel Junkie] used to skate with ARRG [Auld Reekie Roller Girls] and Jen [Hitty Longstockings] skates with SWAT [South West Angels of Terror]. Then, back in July whilst off work with a dislocated knee, I watched Whip It. Maybe it was the fact that I could barely walk and was navigating the house using a desk chair as a kind of zimmer, but I totally got the urge that I wanted to skate.

As a kid I was constantly on skates [ice skates and quads, never blades]; I remember when I was five piecing together all my jigsaws and hard back books as a makeshift skate rink over the living room carpet so I could skate indoors (I think I might have been grounded). So I googled Edinburgh Roller Derby, found ARRG and bought tickets for the next bout.

It’s a fabulous Saturday afternoon out with a great crowd, really friendly and also totally suitable for kids. In fact I think seeing a group of highly skilled, dedicated, fit and strong skaters competing in a badass, yet friendly way is a fantastic role model for kids. This is a great post on the rules and an introduction to roller derby.

So, I’ve signed up to be on the fresh meat waiting list for the February intake. My physio had a wobble when I said I wanted to sign up for roller derby, having physio-ed me through said dislocated kneecap. However, I have been building up my quads, to hold my pesky kneecap in the right place, and even conquered my gym phobia/aversion. Getting into a size 8 has never made me want to go to the gym; being strong and fit enough to be able to skate with a group of awesome skaters totally does.

Like I said, next bout is 19 January at Meadowbank, get yourself some here
Check out their website here
And like ’em on Facebook here

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  • How exciting! Good luck! (I tried out roller skating recently and going round and round in circle was tricky for me!) 😉

  • Shazzie Gee says:

    Hi there, my latest obsession is Roller Derby too but I am down south near Oxford. If you are interested I am blogging about my journey into Roller Derby x

    • Hey Shazzie, just had a look at your blog, that’s really cool, it’s great you’re blogging about it so folk can know what to expect. Good on you! Hope it’s all going well. I can’t wait to get started, in a terrified but excited way! x

      • Shazzie Gee says:

        Thank you. My team, Oxford Wheels of Gory, have a busy year ahead. I am still getting my basics signed off so will be NSO’ing for the team, I have been told that this is a great way to learn all the rules and regs. I have a weak knee and our team coach suggested ‘gaskets’ as these support your knees and still fit under your pads, so you might want to take a look and get some ready for when you start. February is not that far away now. Let me know how it all goes Sharon Greenwood AKA Karma Comedian x

  • YES! I went to watch the Auld Reekie Roller Girls last year sometime at Meadowbank and totally loved it. Getting prepared in terms of understanding the rules would definitely have helped though – my only knowledge of what was happening was entirely based on Whip It! Good luck getting in to a team – it looks like so much fun if you’re up for the challenge. I bruise like a peach and am scared of falling over, so I’m not their ideal candidate, but I look forward to hearing tales of your training and potentially a whole new derby nickname?!

    • Same here! I kinda picked it up as I went along, having the rules on the fliers definitely helps. Ah, I’ll have a long way to go before I’m remotely team worthy, really looking forward to learning to skate (and learning to fall over!) though. Yep, I think bruises go with the territory, I shall have as much padding on as possible. Oh, the name! Have no idea, lets hope I get that far! They have a bout on tomorrow afternoon, its the first game of the home season, and you can get a bargaintastic season ticket for all the games from their site You should go! 🙂

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