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Creative Process



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Came across this amazing Vogue shoot of Sienna Miller by Ryan McGinley  here.

“67% of consumers more likely to purchase from a mobile friendly website than they are from a website not optimised for devices other than desktop” Great article giving an overview of deciding to go with responsive design or developing a native mobile app.
Strong believer that writing is also a design skill – how interface copywriting and design fit together
 These rare historic images are fascinating and haunting
GFDA have new wallpapers! Hurrah!
This is an excellent checklist to encourage those in digital leadership roles to fully explore the digital world.
Serialising novels to encourage busy people to read more. Interesting.
It’s been around for a while, but I adore this speech by the fantastic Ellen Page – she’s spot on.
As a kid I made a She-Ra outfit out of paper and stuck it to myself with sellotape, so this impresses me greatly.
Would I like a cat in my pocket? Yes please.


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This beautiful sign-of-the-times Valentines is by Emily Macdowell, you can buy one here.

As a big fan of designing for content, I do like this infographic outlining the process of responsive web design.
 As designers, it makes sense that we design our lives, right?
 These vintage valentines cards are pretty creepy….
 Love this campaign by Team Detroit encouraging young people and their parents to consider art school.
 Should you google that person?
 This is an excellent, excellent article on being a designer.
 Beautiful words from a father to his daughter, and a clever spin on beauty ad copywriting.
 Why do Lego Girls just sit about all day? I’d like to know too please…
 This is too cute, Toco the Cat and his human, growing up together.