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I do love a good costume drama, this one had particularly excellent opening titles. I loved the butterfly dust particles on the ageing lace and the decay of something beautiful, like Miss Havisham. To work on a project like this has definitely been added to my dream project list.

“We follow the birth and death of a butterfly. In beautifully textural 3D, the creature bursts out of the cocoon, unfurling its fragile self into a dark world. As the sequence progresses we see intricate filigree tattooed onto the wings, growing like creeping ivy.

Eventually the tattoos start to envelop the entire wingspan, patterns over patterns until the creature is blacked out to an eerie silhouette of itself.

The sequence parallels the lead character’s evolution – Pip’s fascination with Miss Havisham’s otherness and wealth before his realisation that all is not as it seems.”

By Momoco