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By August 2, 2012September 25th, 2013Edinburgh, Talented Pals

Today I have a guest post from the exceptionally talented Dan Seex. Aside from having a pretty awesome name, Dan has a D&AD Inbook Award and has recently exhibited at Coburg Studios. He’s also done some beautiful work for the lovely Hot Rum Cow magazine which was recently featured on It’s Nice That. Dan has another exhibition the opening night is Saturday 4 August from 7pm at Boda Bar on Leith Walk, that runs throughout August and September. If you’re in the area, get yourself down for a look.

So basically, I draw stuff. Things. Nothing specific really, I’ll occasionally have sporadic themes, methods of working but I rarely stick to them and am always game for trying something new. Essentially I have three addictions, caffeine, nicotine and drawing. I like a new brief because it gives me a new starting point and new things to play with.

Me in Chemicals Compounds Dan Seex

Me In Compounds  I studied Chemistry briefly, years ago. I like the way molecular structures look. This, however, was not sufficient interest to get me through a degree…

Hunky Dory Dan Seex

Hunky Dory  It’s a John Dory, that’s a kind of fish. That’s a picture of one. With big arms.

Please Fuck Off Dan Seex

Please Fuck Off   I think we’ve all thought about it at some point. Running away and living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, goodbye job, goodbye responsibilities, I want no part of you any more. This one is from a photo from the totally awesome which isn’t a niche pornography site, but a super cool cabin themed blog – well worth a look.

Take Off Dan Seex

Take Off  This would be a good example of the kind of tangent I like to go on. I really like photomontage and want to do more, but ultimately have found its not something I can stick to due to my compulsive need to draw. This one’s about science, astronauts and Evel Knievel.

Cabin Triptych Dan Seex

More Cabins  I like drawing cabins.

Scandinavian Crime Scene Dan Seex

Scandinavian Crime Drama  The Killing, The Bridge, that sort of thing. They’re awesome, I love a bit of murder and intrigue.

Minotaur vs Mycenae Dan Seex

Minotaur Vs Mycenae  Silly is good.

I have an exhibition opening on Saturday 4 August at Boda Bar in Leith. It’s running throughout August and September. If you’d like to see more of my stuff or are just a fan of Swedish themed bars, pop along and say hi.

I’ll probably be that hairy bloke outside, smoking.

See more of Dan’s work over at his blog and on behance

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