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Dan Seex


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Today I have a guest post from the exceptionally talented Dan Seex. Aside from having a pretty awesome name, Dan has a D&AD Inbook Award and has recently exhibited at Coburg Studios. He’s also done some beautiful work for the lovely Hot Rum Cow magazine which was recently featured on It’s Nice That. Dan has another exhibition the opening night is Saturday 4 August from 7pm at Boda Bar on Leith Walk, that runs throughout August and September. If you’re in the area, get yourself down for a look.

So basically, I draw stuff. Things. Nothing specific really, I’ll occasionally have sporadic themes, methods of working but I rarely stick to them and am always game for trying something new. Essentially I have three addictions, caffeine, nicotine and drawing. I like a new brief because it gives me a new starting point and new things to play with.

Me in Chemicals Compounds Dan Seex

Me In Compounds  I studied Chemistry briefly, years ago. I like the way molecular structures look. This, however, was not sufficient interest to get me through a degree…

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